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Core Fit Unique

A unique fitness programme designed by a physiotherapist aimed at being fit, strong and healthy in everyday life, for all age groups. Core Fit includes physiotherapy, pilates, basic aerobic fitness and yoga exercises to ensure all routines are safe and effective.

The Core Fit Unique programmes develop the participants’ core strength, confidence and self-belief. The programme uses physiotherapy-derived exercises, based around strength and balance, and fun-themed sessions. The aim is to empower everyone, giving them the confidence to take responsibility for their own fitness and wellbeing whilst developing core strength, balance, flexibility and good posture.

About Amanda Weston

Amanda has over 25 years’ experience as a Chartered Physiotherapist, offering all of the conventional treatments of massage, mobilisation and electrotherapy.

Amanda is also an advanced acupuncturist, a free style fitness yoga instructor and barre concept trained (ballet fit).

She is also a member of the APPI – Australian Physio and Pilate’s Institute and is recognised by all health insurances.

Over the last few years, she has developed further skills and has trained and qualified in techniques designed to improve people’s lives mentally in what can often be a difficult and challenging world.

It has long been recognised that mental fitness is key to maintaining physical wellbeing and getting the most out of life.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a positive way of changing your mental outlook to get the best out of your life now and equip you with positive skills for the future.

“There was a remarkable impact on wellbeing. It took me several years to develop the programme and it was humbling to see children react so positively and their self-esteem improved. They were happier and had more confidence.”

“It is clear that core strengthening, under professionally trained staff, puts in place buildings blocks for a healthy future and my dream would be for all schools to take this on-board.”

Corefit Fitness Programme | Core Fit Unique | Amanda Weston

What is Core Fit Unique

Core Fit Unique works on improving core strength, back and hips to make everyone strong for work, sport and life events. Incorporating correct movement techniques also helps prevent injury or  improve pre-existing orthopaedic complaints.

Core Fit Unique focuses on:

  • flexibility
  • balance
  • cardiac capacity

all to a level of acceptable fitness for a healthy life. Core Fit does not focus on appearance other than building good posture, strength and flexibility so everyone stands and moves better. Core Fit also shows you that correct fitness can be easy and fun.

Our website demonstrates programmes for all ages using pilates and basic exercise breakdowns. This includes the promotion of positive mental health to encourage resilience, good mood and well being.

Each and everyone of you is unique, and your wellness programme should be aimed
at suiting your uniqueness and keeping you strong, healthy and confident.


Here's what our clients have to say:

One of the things I love about Core Fit is the constant instruction from Amanda and her personal trainers. They always make sure that you maintain the correct posture to avoid injury. There’s also a lot of encouragement which is much needed.

Sarah Smith

The Core Fit videos are fun, easy to follow and effective. I have recommended Core Fit Unique to all of my friends.

Karen Arnold