We Offer Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

This type of therapy is based on the idea that solutions to problems can be found by focusing on the positive aspects of a situation. It follows a specific structure and uses specific techniques, all of which are designed to help the client find their own solutions.

Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy has been shown to be effective for a wide range of issues, including anxiety, depression and low mood, stress, phobia, smoking cessation and even weight loss. It is a non-invasive and gentle therapy that can be used to help people with mental health and psychological issues overcome negative thinking.

It’s a type of talking therapy that combines psychology with hypnosis and can be used to treat a whole range of psychological conditions.

Solution-focused hypnotherapists differ from other types of hypnosis treatments because instead of looking at the past and unpicking past trauma, the therapist focuses on the preferred future. Establishing positive thought patterns that help bring about lasting change.

What to expect

Initial conversation

Your first session will be an initial consultation. This is where you and the solution-focused hypnotherapist will discuss your goals and what you hope to achieve from therapy.

Your hypnotherapist will then ask you about your current circumstances and how they’re affecting you. They’ll also ask you about your past experiences and any positive resources you have that could help you achieve your goals.


Once your therapist has a good understanding of your problem, they’ll begin to work with you (using a collaborative process called co-creation) to develop a plan of action.

This will involve setting realistic goals and identifying any obstacles that might be preventing you from achieving these goals.

As well as discussing any positive changes you’ll want to make, your hypnotherapist will discuss the physiology of the brain and how the brain works, giving you a better understanding of how feelings and emotions are created.


Hypnosis is a natural state of being, you’ve probably experienced a trance-like state many times in your life. An example of this relaxed state of being could be when you’re driving and suddenly realise you can’t remember the last few miles, or when you’re absorbed in a book and the outside world fades away.

During hypnosis, your solution-focused hypnotherapist will help you to relax and enter into a state of focused attention. Once you’re in this relaxed trance state, the subconscious mind is more open to change The hypnotherapist will then give a series of suggestions and new ideas to help bring about positive change. You will feel extremely relaxed and calm and aware of everything around you. Many clients find this deeply relaxed state a very pleasant and enjoyable experience.

It’s worth noting that hypnotherapy is very safe, you cannot get stuck in a trance and you are in complete control at all times.

As a brief therapy in just a few sessions, you should start to notice some positive changes in your life. Some clients feel the benefits after just one session, stating that unhelpful thought patterns become diminished. In most cases, changes may be small at first, but over a relatively short period clients feel calmer and more in control.