NLP & Life Coaching

Amanda offers both NLP and Life Coaching and they work well alongside solution focused hypnotherapy.


Neuro-linguistic programming or NLP is a technique that uses language to generate changes in an individual’s thoughts and behaviour.

NLP can support an individual’s personal development by fostering skills such as communication, confidence, and self-reflection; analysing and using successful strategies then applying them to reach a specific personal goal or outcome.

By utilising the way an individual perceives, behaves, and communicates, NLP techniques help ease the process through which people can change their thoughts and actions.

Life coaching

We offer professional life coaching support to help people gain more fulfilment from their lives by guiding and empowering them to reach their individual goals both personally and professionally.

If confidence is low and self-belief lacking, professional life coaching can restore an individual’s reilience in the face of life’s obstacles and empower them to maximise their strengths, identify their goals, and reach their potential.