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Occupational Health Services

We can offer medical cover either from our own onsite Health Centre, with nurses, doctors and relevant clinicians, or in association with a local GP consortium. This could include daily nurses onsite or visits to your workplace.

We pride ourselves on providing a personal and flexible service to all our clietns and we strive to build a closer relationship between the clinician and yourself.

All treatments are tailored to your needs and requirements and we offer the following services:

• Private GP services
• Vaccinations
• Contraceptive services
• Health screening
• Sexual health clinic
• Driver medicals
• Emergency triage

Working alongside the NHS and our GP consortium partners, we offer confidential and private medical support for our clients.

Treatments for acute illnesses such as colds, flu, chest infections and skin infections are available.

We also offer treatments for ongoing issues such as:

• Diabetes
• Asthma
• High blood pressure
• Smoking cessation, drugs and alcohol rehabilitation
• Lifestyle advice, dieting and exercising
• Counselling for good mental health

Our centre has a wide range of exercise classes and relaxation classes plus one-to-one and self-organised fitness programmes. Also, there are educational classes. Other occupational roles are undertaken and advisors in all areas of health are on hand. Counsellors promote positivity and deal with any issues that clients have as they need addressing. They always work with a view to positivity, the promotion of healthy bodies and minds, and to limit sickness absence.

We fully support the following areas as part of our services:

• Screening programmes to check ‘fit-for-role’
• Pre-employment screening
• Health surveillance
• Work, environmental and ergonomic checks
• Physical assessments
• Nutrition and diet advice
• Sleep advice
• Lifestyle advice

We have contracted on-site or on-call medical professionals: GPs, nurses, health promoters, physiotherapists and dieticians. If more intense assistance is needed, the therapist will assign a core lead for the client who will be given whatever therapy is recommended until they are fully recovered and  resilient enough to need no more assistance. This can range from counselling, hypnotherapy, fitness, physical rehabilitation, diet, sleep or general lifestyle and direction assistance.

Our annual checks will cover:

• Fat percentage
• Muscle and bone mass
• Diet analysis
• Visceral fat
• Fluid intake and type
• Physical assessment

Lifestyle analysis including trends of:

• Drinking
• Smoking
• Exercise
• Sleep
• Stress test
• Working environment
• Ergonomics


Exercise and diet programmes are offered to all, but it is up to individuals to decide whether they continue with the advice given alone or under the supervision of the centre.