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Our team contains qualified physiotherapists, dieticians, personal trainers, occupational health specialists, life-style coaches and qualified counsellors with many years of experience. We look to use a variety of techniques and interventions as needed.


Occupational Health Specialists

Life Style Coaches And Counsellors



Personal Trainers

We also offer a range of other techniques ranging from referrals to basic positive approaches of mindfulness, positive mental attitude, and the building of individual core strength both physically and mentally. Our centre offers yearly assessments and talks on mental wellbeing, establishing a good practice of wellbeing that can be adhered to by everyone.

By offering yearly Occupational Health assessments we ensure that people are fully equipped, physically and mentally, to get the most out of their roles, and life, and that their working environment enhances wellbeing. Usually, a medical is part of this assessment. If someone is absent from work for any length of time, a strategy for assistance and return to work is planned together.

A physical assessment is undergone to predict potential weakness and areas that may need to be improved to establish full strength and fitness. Areas to maintain health whilst at work are also identified.

Core Fit changes lives physically, mentally and positively. The Core Fit exercise progamme is aimed at establishing a baseline fitness of core strenght and flexibility and strong mental health.

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